Bond Hearings

Quality Legal Representation for Central Florida Bond Hearings

If your arrest for a serious criminal offense puts you at risk for jail time until you can be tried, you would be wise to remember these two words: LaBar Adams.

At the the criminal defense division of our law firm in Orlando, we argue passionately for your freedom. We explore every avenue that will get you out of jail, and keep you out.

Skilled criminal defense lawyer N. Ryan LaBar knows how to reason with judges and prosecutors in Orange and Seminole County jurisdictions. He presents evidence and testimony in positive ways that could keep you out of custody until trial.

Mr. LaBar's background and experience has benefited his clients in the past. He knows the factors that judges look for in determining bail or a "no bond" status. He gives you the power to prove that you can handle bail responsibly. Contact seasoned Orlando bond hearing attorney N. Ryan LaBar today.

Facing a Bond Hearing? We can Help!

We handle bond legal matters for cases such as drug trafficking, domestic violence, DUI and white collar crimes. We prepare your Criminal Defense with facts relating to:

  • Your ties to the community
  • Suspicions that you may be a flight risk
  • Any past criminal conduct
  • The likelihood of your returning to court
  • Your employment status, and role as your family's provider

We work hard toward reduction of bond. We strive for bail arrangements that can restore your freedom, enable you to help us with your case and reunite you with your family. You can trust LaBar Adams to protect your rights and explain your options, start to finish.

Experienced Legal Representation in Bond Hearings in Orlando and Central Florida

If you have been arrested in Orlando or anywhere in Central Florida attorney N. Ryan LaBar can protect your rights at every level of the Florida criminal justice system, from arraignments to appeals. Our early intervention can be key in the outcome of your case! Contact us today! we are available at 866-680-4LAW or at 407-835-8968. You may also fill out the online form located on the left of this page and our Orlando bond hearing attorney will contact you shortly. Our first consultation is free of charge. We value your prviacy and we will keep your information confidential.

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