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UCF College Students Defense Attorney in Orlando and Central FloridaCollege is a time for young people to learn about themselves and exploring limits. In some cases, young people go over the limit of what is legally acceptable and are charged with a crime. LaBar Adams defends individuals from all walks of life, including college students. We understand that many crimes involving college students reflect one instance of bad judgment. As such, we will work hard to ensure that your child does not face lifelong consequences stemming from one youthful indiscretion. Our Orlando defense law firm is able to take on any type of criminal case, and frequently handles charges for UCF college students such as:

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In Florida, any criminal conviction cannot be expunged or sealed. If your son or daughter pleads guilty or is found guilty of a criminal charge, it will not go away. He or she will have a permanent criminal record and, depending on the seriousness of the conviction, certain avenues of employment may be closed to your son or daughter.

We understand this. Our Criminal Defense Attorneys for Orlando College Students will dedicate their efforts to minimizing the impact of a criminal allegation. Many counties in Florida have pretrial diversion programs for first-time offenders. Other counties offer "Drug Court" for people charged with certain drug crimes. If these programs are completed successfully, the charges may be dropped. If the outright dismissal of your child's criminal charges is not a realistic goal, our Central Florida Criminal Defense law firm will do everything within our power to help your child become eligible for pretrial diversion programs.

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