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If your child has is being charged with a crime as a juvenile in Orlando or anywhere in Central Florida, you need to talk to an Orlando juvenile defense lawyer as soon as possible. Our Central Florida defense attorneys are very experienced and have the needed skills to help juveniles go through the legal system. Young people can get into just as much trouble as adults. When youthful mischief crosses the line into illegal behavior, your child can benefit from the services of our knowledgeable Orlando juvenile lawyers. LaBar Adams can protect your child's rights and make certain that he or she is treated fairly throughout the criminal justice process. Criminal defense Attorney N. Ryan LaBar is able to present a strong defense to allegations of all kinds.

Juvenile Court vs Circuit Court

The Juvenile Justice System in Florida handles the cases of people under the age of eighteen that have been charged with a crime in Florida. It is important that your child's criminal defense lawyer understands the fundamental differences between Juvenile Court, where most children's cases are heard, and Circuit Court, which is where charges involving adults are heard. For instance, your child will not be entitled to a jury trial in Juvenile Court. In addition, the judges and prosecutors in Juvenile Court are different than those in Circuit Court. Our experienced Orlando juvenile defense attorneys understand the issues involved and will work hard to achieve a favorable outcome in your child's case.

By large, Juvenile Court is focused on rehabilitating young offenders rather than punishing them. Not all crimes, however, are charged in Juvenile Court. If your child has been accused of a serious crime, your child could be tried as an adult in Circuit Court. The outcome of this decision will have major consequences in your child's life. It can mean the difference between your child spending time in a detention facility with children his or her own age, and doing time in prison with hardened criminals. Our juvenile defense attorneys know exactly how much this decision will impact your child's life and will take every step within the law to keep your child's case in Juvenile Court.

Common types of Juvenile Crimes in Orlando

Among the most frequent types of charges faced by juveniles within the Metro Orlando and Central Florida areas are:

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