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Have you been arrested while visiting central Florida? At LaBar Adams, we have defended many out-of-state clients against criminal charges in courts throughout central Florida. For the experienced, skilled and dedicated representation you require, contact our law office in Orlando, Florida.

Put Our Experience to Work for You

Each criminal case at our firm is handled by out of state criminal defense attorney N. Ryan LaBar. He has personally handled thousands of criminal cases and is prepared to provide the vigorous defense you need. He represents clients in criminal cases ranging from misdemeanor DUI to first-degree murder charges.

Many people who are arrested on criminal charges while visiting Florida are arrested for drunk driving, other alcohol-related offenses, assault, battery or drug possession. We have extensive experience in such cases. We can also help if you have been charged with theft, resisting arrest, trespassing, weapons offenses and other misdemeanor or felony crimes.

Your Convenience Is a Priority at Our Firm

Unless you need to fight your charges at trial, we can handle just about any other aspect of your case in such a manner that you do not have to travel back to Florida. We can enter a not-guilty verdict on your behalf and negotiate on your behalf with the prosecution to seek a favorable outcome to your case.

We are focused on the protection of your record, rights and freedom. We understand the impact that any criminal conviction can have on your record. Most criminal cases are resolved without the necessity of trial, so you will likely never have to travel back to Florida to resolve your case. If it is in your best interests to fight your charges at trial, however, N. Ryan LaBar is an experienced and skilled trial lawyer who will be prepared to provide a strong defense on your behalf at trial.

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To schedule a free phone consultation with Orlando criminal defense attorney N. Ryan LaBar, call 866-680-4LAW or contact us by e-mail.

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