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Targeted in a Criminal Investigation? Outstanding Warrant in Orlando or Central Florida?

Throughout the Orlando area, various types of warrants are issued by judges every day. All types of warrants — whether for your arrest or as part of an investigation — must be taken extremely seriously. It can be critical to get counsel from a knowledgeable attorney as soon as you learn about a warrant or as soon as possible after missing a court appearance.

You can be arrested without a warrant for an offense committed before an officer or under certain other circumstances. Some of the most common reasons for issuance of an arrest warrant, also called a capias request in Florida, are:

  • Failure to appear in court
  • Failure to pay one or more traffic citations
  • Knowledge or suspicion of a probation violation
  • Police suspicion of a felony offense such as embezzlement, fraud, a drug crime or violent offense — in which case police must provide a probable cause statement to a judge and get a signed warrant for your arrest, the right to perform a search and seizure, or both

Any type of warrant is serious, whether it involves a new crime, failure to appear, failure to comply with terms of a sentence or other matters. The sooner you get qualified legal counsel, the better your chances of avoiding arrest and staying out of jail.

Vigorous Advocacy for People Facing Warrants in Florida

Experienced Orlando criminal defense lawyer N. Ryan LaBar has had success getting numerous warrants dismissed so clients do not have to go through the trauma and embarrassment of an arrest. We also offer valuable counsel to clients who have come under investigation by police or a federal agency, but have not yet been charged with a crime. In other situations, we work vigorously to maintain our clients' right to bond or achieve other critical goals.

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