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Do you Need to Challenge a Breathalyzer Test in Orlando or Central Florida? Our Orlando Criminal Attorney Can HelpThere are many misunderstandings about the Breathalyzer test in Florida. Many people assume that if they blow over .08, they will be found guilty of driving under the influence. In reality, that is only a rebuttable presumption, meaning that your defense attorney can offer evidence that you were not impaired.

Our DUI attorneys in Orlando offer a free initial consultation to answer your questions about Breathalyzer test results. Attorney N. Ryan LaBar has handled hundreds of DUI cases in Orlando and central Florida. He knows how to challenge breath test results and has a history of producing positive outcomes for his clients in DUI cases.

Am I Required to Take a Breathalyzer Test?

As a general rule, you are not required to submit to a breath alcohol test in Florida. However, your driver's license can be suspended for one year for refusing the test (or two years if this is your second refusal). You may still be charged with DUI if you refuse to take a breath test, but the state may not have enough evidence to convict you.

Can Breathalyzer Tests Be Challenged?

There are a number of issues an experienced criminal defense lawyer can raise with alcohol Breathalyzers:

  • The machine was not properly tested to ensure accuracy
  • You were not under continuous observation for the required time period before administering the test
  • The underlying DUI traffic stop was illegal
  • You were not impaired

Can I Be Charged With DUI if My BAC Was Below .08?

In Florida, you may be charged with DUI even if your blood alcohol content was below .08. If you are a minor, you can be charged with DUI if you blow .02 or higher.

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