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Aggressively Fighting Charges When your Miranda Rights Have Been Violated

Illegal Search and Seizure? Miranda Rights Violated? Call our Orlando Defense AttorneyAt LaBar Adams, we are committed to protecting your record, rights and freedom. If you are facing criminal charges in central Florida, we encourage you to contact our Orlando criminal defense law firm to schedule a consultation with one of our experienced criminal defense attorneys.

One of the ways that we provide each of our clients with a strong defense is by investigating the facts that led to their arrest. We review the conduct of police to determine if they may have made errors in their investigation that can be used to our clients' advantages. In some cases, we are able to use such errors to get charges dismissed, suppress evidence or obtain increased leverage for a favorable case resolution.

Your Fourth Amendment Rights

The Fourth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution prohibits unreasonable searches and seizures. Evidence that is obtained as a result of an unconstitutional search and seizure may be suppressed. If critical evidence is suppressed, the strength of the prosecution's case may be significantly diminished. In some cases, suppressed evidence is fatal to the prosecution's case, which can result to dismissal of charges that were based on such evidence.

Motions to suppress may be made in any case where law enforcement conducted an illegal search and seizure, where a judge has issued a search warrant that is not supported by probable cause or where law enforcement has conducted a search in an overly broad manner which is not authorized by a search warrant.

While search and seizure issues may arise in many criminal cases, they are very common in the context of drug charges, where an officer has searched a person, home or car to seize drugs. Traffic stops are an important issue as well, as officers must have a sufficient basis to make a traffic stop. While the police do not need much to make such stops (a failure to signal or swerving over the centerline are sufficient), they must have some reasonable basis for the stop. If the traffic stop was not constitutionally permissible, evidence seized from the vehicle may potentially be suppressed.

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