Possession With Intent to Distribute

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For help in central Florida, contact LaBar Adams. We are committed to providing the vigorous defense you need. We defend clients throughout central Florida against all drug charges. If you have been arrested for possession with intent to distribute marijuana, cocaine, heroin, any other illegal drug or a prescription medication, we are ready to put our experience to work for you.

Simple Possession vs. Possession With Intent to Distribute

When a police officer discovers that a person is in possession of drugs, they next look to see if there is any evidence that the person may intend to distribute drugs to another person. Police are on the lookout for certain signs that they consider to be strong evidence of an intent to distribute, including:

  • Possession of large quantities of drugs not consistent with personal use
  • Placement of drugs in numerous plastic bags or in separate packaging containers that may suggest they are intended for sale
  • Scales or other measuring devices that may be used for illegal drug sales

Unfortunately, the police make arrests in such cases based largely on gut instinct. If they are wrong, you may be charged with possession with intent to distribute even if you were only guilty of simple possession.

Our drug charges defense attorney, N. Ryan LaBar, has handled thousands of criminal cases. He has helped many clients who have been charged with felony drug charges, including possession with intent to distribute charges. As a skilled negotiator and trial lawyer, he is ready to provide the zealous defense you need.

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