Orlando Car Accidents: Do's & Don'ts

Important Guidance From Our Orlando Car Accident Lawyers

A car wreck, motorcycle crash or other motor vehicle accident is always a shocking event. In the chaos that follows, many people make understandable mistakes they later regret.

Our Orlando law firm is dedicated to promoting community safety and protecting people's rights. This includes sharing the best advice our lawyers can offer regarding what to do — and what not to do — if you are involved in a car accident.

Your top priority must be getting medical attention for anyone who needs it. Vehicles can be repaired or replaced, but failing to get injuries diagnosed and treated promptly can have lasting consequences. If you feel pain, get it checked out as soon as you can. If anyone's injuries appear serious, it can be critical to contact an experienced auto accident lawyer at the first opportunity. Call us! you can count on calm, clear counsel.

Call a Lawyer Before Giving Any Statements

Perhaps the most critical "don't" among Florida car accident do's and don'ts involves avoiding giving your own or the other driver's insurance company information. Also, if injuries are obvious or possible, don't give any statements to the insurance company! they may be later used against you.

While we would like to believe insurance representatives' promises, nothing should be taken on faith. Having dealt with hundreds of car accident cases, our attorneys know that insurers often contact an injured party right away and present themselves as wanting to help, but really are working to minimize their company's exposure and liability.

Call Experienced Lawyers Who Will Look Out for You Personally and Financially

We are here with sound legal counsel, based on decades of experience, for anyone who needs it. While our Orlando lawyers' primary focus is on serious injury and wrongful death cases, we know that collision claims and property damage matter to you. We are committed to helping you move forward after an accident in every way possible, and you can count on our firm to defend your financial interests as well as your personal future.

Contact us for caring, committed representation if you have been involved in an Orlando area motor vehicle accident. One excellent step to take now, if you are just browsing, is to enter 866-680-4LAW in your cellphone contacts. If you ever do need a Orlando car accident lawyer, we will respond and help.

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