Distracted Driving: Cellphones, Texting and Auto Accidents in Florida

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Defense Against Texting and Driving Charges in Central FloridaAs more hard evidence and survey data roll in, it becomes ever more difficult to deny the extreme dangers of texting and other cellphone use while driving. In late 2011, the U.S. National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) even issued an opinion calling for a ban on all mobile phone use behind the wheel — although enacting such legislation remains up to individual states. In 2013 Florida passed a law and Driving while texting became a secondary offense in the Sunshine State. This means that police cannot stop you for driving while texting. Instead, he/she has to pull you over for a different infraction and then he/she can give you a ticket for texting while driving.

Some studies have indicated that texting while driving poses a comparable or greater car accident risk than drunk driving. Even with rising awareness of the problem, Central Florida auto crashes caused by cellphone use are on the rise as well. If you believe distracted driving was a factor in your injury-causing motor vehicle accident, it is crucial to contact an attorney equipped to prove exactly that and seek maximum compensation for you.

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Although distracted driving, including driving while texting, is certainly not a new phenomenon, the range of tasks people can perform with a phone keeps expanding. Whether texting, checking e-mail or scrolling through menus and checking messages, drivers with eyes anywhere but on the road run a clear risk of causing very serious injuries or a tragic wrongful death.

The repercussions of car accidents caused by texting and cellphone use are clear. Many cellphone-related crashes occur at highway speeds and are worsened by the negligent driver's very late reaction or failure to brake at all. Commercial truck drivers who engage in distracted driving are guilty of violating federal regulations. The challenge is often in proving this extreme recklessness occurred — and we are up to that challenge.

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