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Orlando and Central Florida Battery Defense AttorneyBattery and Domestic Violence Battery charges are often confusing. A great deal of misinformation exists in the realm of public understanding. For example, our criminal defense attorneys often hear from an alleged victim in the case who desires to “Drop charges” against the accused person. This is just one of the many inaccuracies that exist regarding Battery charges or Domestic Violence charges. The victim cannot technically “drop charges” because they are not the prosecuting entity. The government through its State Attorneys is the charged with prosecuting battery charges in Orlando and throughout Central Florida. Although many local police departments, sheriffs’ agencies, and prosecuting attorneys will consider the victim’s wishes, it is entirely to law enforcement and prosecuting authorities whether or not formal charges will be filed. Many factors and issues are considered including the specific evidence in the case and whether the lawyers for the government believe they could prove an accused person committed battery. Battery cases can be very complicated and have long-lasting consequences. Call us today. It is critical to have an experienced battery defense lawyer on your side.

How is Battery Proven?

Two of the ways in which an individual may be convicted of Battery are:

  1. if it is proven that the accused person actually and intentionally touched or struck another person against that person’s will; or
  2. The accused person intentionally causes bodily harm to another person

Types of Battery Charges - Florida Law

There are numerous types of battery charges that may be brought against an individual. The following list contains several of the types of battery charges but is by no means exhaustive.

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Battery is a charge that should not be taken lightly. A battery conviction can change your life, lead to jail time, and even future problems getting jobs. Avoiding a battery conviction is no easy task and you should not go at it alone. No one wants to be standing alone before a judge in the courtroom with a battery charge or threat of a battery conviction looming. With proper representation the process can be less burdensome. Don’t take on the judicial system alone. Do yourself a favor and hire an experienced Battery defense attorney in Orlando, FL who can guide you through the process and possibly help you avoid conviction. If you have been accused of battery contact Orlando defense attorney Ryan LaBar and let us help you through this difficult time. You may call us at 1-866-680-4LAW or fill out our online form located at the top of the page and one of our highly experienced criminal defense lawyers will contact you shortly. We respond to after-hours messages promptly. Evening or weekend appointments are available upon request We respect your privacy and will keep all your information confidential.

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