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Miami TV entrepreneur accused of role in Medicare fraud

TV entrepreneur Roberto Marrero will be remaining behind bars in Florida for his alleged role in Medicare fraud. Due to the fact that he has gone to Cuba on four occasions, the Miami federal judge said he is a flight risk and bail was denied.

In looking at what happened, Marrero and his wife are accused of providing false invoices to the Medicare program. This was in relation to Trust Care Health Services, a company of which Marrero was the president.

Picking magic mushrooms from Florida forest leads to arrests

Five people were recently arrested while leaving a forest in Florida. The claim is several of them had taken some psychedelic mushrooms out of the forest. These psilocybin mushrooms grow naturally in this forest.

The wildlife officer who saw the five go into the Little Big Econ State Forest claims he saw them not only go into the forest, but also come out. The group supposedly had the mushrooms in a plastic grocery bag when exiting the forest.

2 drinks could equal a DUI under proposed NTSB recommendations

A new proposed recommendation from the National Transportation Safety Board would lower the legal driving limit, essentially to the point where a driver could end up charged with driving under the influence for having a glass or two of wine with dinner and then driving home. If the legal limit was dropped, this would most likely equate to a higher number of DUI arrests in Florida, at least in the beginning until people got more used to the new limit.

Deal reached with first-time DUI charge for Jim Toth

In Orlando, Florida, while many might think a first driving under the influence offense is not something to worry about, the truth is that a first-time DUI will still end up being quite expensive and can come with it some rather serious consequences, including the suspension of one's driver's license.

However, for those facing a first-time DUI charge, or even a second or third, keep in mind that there are often deals that can be worked out.

Medicinal marijuana bill to be re-filed in Florida

Even though a study came out showing that seven out of 10 Florida residents support marijuana being legalized, it appears the bill that could have led to legalization will not go before the Legislature this session. However, Rep. Katie Edwards, who sponsored the bill, said she will re-file the bill during the next session. She believes it is only a matter of time before medicinal marijuana is legalized in the state.

Despite the bill not being given a committee hearing during this session, Edwards points to the positives, saying awareness was brought to the fact that marijuana is successfully being used in other states to treat pain from certain types of diseases, such as cancer and epilepsy.

Art fraud: Miami pastor faces charge after trying to sell art

The art market is rather tricky. With many works being stolen, sometimes multiple times, the process of confirming the paintings history to make sure it is not a fake can be rather complicated for an art seller and an art buyer. In other cases, since counterfeit art is so popular, a seller could even honestly believe a piece of artwork is real only to later find out it is a fake and end up facing charges for art fraud.

A pastor from Miami, Florida, recently pleaded not guilty to second-degree attempted larceny. While his defense is yet to be presented, going by the criminal complaint there is reason to believe he will claim he did not know the painting he was trying to sell to Sotheby's auction house was a fake.

More students arrested in Florida than any other state

Many in Florida, including defense attorneys and juvenile justice advocates, are becoming increasingly worried about the large number of juvenile students who are arrested in schools. The thought is these kids are ending up being arrested for incidents that used to warrant a trip to the principal's office.

When looking at what is happening in many Florida schools, the majority of arrests are related to misdemeanors. In fact, 67 percent of the arrested in 2012 were for disorderly conduct, which can include everything from a student refusing to give up their cellphone to yelling. Only a very small percentage is related to crimes involving weapons.

Drug trafficking and improper prescribing in Florida

In Florida, drug crimes related to prescription medications are taken very seriously. So seriously, that even doctors in the state have ended up facing drug trafficking charges after being accused of running pill mills in the state. Essentially, these physicians end up being treated by the legal system the same way as those who are accused of selling drugs on street corners.

In one case, it appears a Winter Park doctor was set up by law enforcement. The doctor was arrested after he allegedly gave muscle relaxers and painkillers to an informant. This doctor allegedly gave the prescriptions without having a valid medical reason to do so.

Supreme Court to decide two Fourth Amendment cases

There are two important cases before the U.S. Supreme Court that could significantly affect defendants' Fourth Amendment rights. The first involves dog sniffs while the second puts DNA evidence under scrutiny.

Dog sniff case

In late October, the Supreme Court heard a case involving the constitutionality of dog sniffing evidence. The facts are clear: Police officers had heard from an informant that there was illegal drug activity at a home. They took their drug-sniffing dog to the home's front steps, where the dog indicated that there were drugs present in the home. They then used the evidence to obtain a search warrant.

The Court must decide whether such police activity violates an individual's Fourth Amendment right to be secure from unreasonable search and seizure.

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