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What is Carjacking in Florida?

Orlando Carjacking Defense Lawyer Handles Cases in Orlando, FL and Throughout Central FloridaIn the state of Florida, Carjacking is defined as either permanently or temporarily taking of a motor vehicle from the owner by use of force, violence, assault, or fear. If in the course of committing the carjacking the offender carried no firearm, deadly weapon, or other weapon, then the Carjacking is a felony of the first degree and imprisonment not to exceed 30 years. If in the course of committing the Carjacking the offender carried a firearm or other deadly weapon, then the Carjacking is a felony of the first degree and imprisonment can reach up to a life term. Fines can reach up to $10,000. Carjacking is an extremely serious offense.

Carjacking Charges and Penalties

There are a number of penalties that someone who has been charged with Carjacking may face. These penalties include, imprisonment, fines, community confinement, home detention, forfeitures, community service, and paying the cost of prosecution. In addition, a resulting conviction may be placed on an individual's permanent record. This, in turn, could affect future educational and employment opportunities. Convictions can have a serious impact on one's future. It is important that you speak with a Central Florida Carjacking Defense Lawyer in Orlando before making any statements. Our defense lawyers are very experienced and have helped many clients in the past. Contact us today!

Florida Statutes – Carjacking

For more information on carjacking under Florida criminal law review the Florida Statute 812.133.

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