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At LaBar Adams we are committed to our clients. We make every effort both at the law firm and at court to obtain the best possible result on behalf of our clients. Below are our client reviews, taken from review sites including Google, AVVO and Lawyers.com. Please feel free to use the links on the left hand side and leave us a review too!

April 24, 2018

★★★★★ Posted in Google by Eric Bernard
LaBar Adams is a fantastic firm. These folks will go out of their way to ensure they are doing what is best for their clients. Always received prompt replies to phone calls and emails from Ryan and other staff members. Working with LaBar Adams was a refreshing stress free engagement. It's about more than money with them. Thanks for your help Ryan!

April 3, 2018

★★★★★ Posted in Google by Jonathan Silva
I went to Labar & Adams after a dispute I had with a former employer. My knowledge of the law was slim, and after trying to hire several “TV lawyers,” – all of whom turned me down – I found Labar & Adams through a quick Google search. They made an effort to express their concern for my case and me; Attorney Ryan Labar was compassionate and understanding towards me, and knowledgeable about my case. There was never a point where my expectations were raised with a false hope of winning. Ryan Labar explained, sometimes in minute detail, what I should expect moving forward. Though my case had taken longer than expected, I was informed every step of the way with the occasional phone call updating me on how the case was faring. Ryan Labar was cordial, informative, and didn’t BS me on anything. In the end, I won and it felt great to have Labar & Adams on my side. If I ever run into an issue again, I would be sure to call Labar & Adams, though I wish that day never comes.

January 4, 2018

Employment Case

★★★★★ Posted in AVVO by Rayshell
Scott is very professional and handled my case with care. When I first met Scott I really did not know if I was going to decide to go with them until his personality came out and I heard him speak about God. That was very import to my. Because even though he is the a lawyer, God is the one who makes the final decision. My case was handled in know time and that is why I love this law firm and I am using them again for another case. Thank you for helping me Scott.

January 3, 2018

★★★★★ Posted in Google by Jason Cardenas
Mr. LaBar completely changes the litigation landscape, his understanding and willingness to help is something you don't get very much of when dealing with law firms. He doesn't rush you off the phone and he makes time for his clients, even if you're not a client yet, he still goes the extra mile. Eyes closed this is a firm you can put your trust in

November 11, 2017

★★★★★ Posted in Google by Tim Smolinski
I spent several hours researching various firms in the area, before selecting LaBar Adams to represent my case, and I was not disappointed. Ryan Labar oversaw my case, with the help of Judy Cane, a senior paralegal with the firm. They were both very upfront and helpful from the initial consultation through conclusion of the case. Communication was top-notch and they explained every step in a way that was easy to understand, without a lot of the "legal-ese" many firms seem to default to. I highly recommend them and want to say thanks again for all their assistance!

August 29, 2017

★★★★★ Posted in Google and Lawyers.com by Matthew Carajo
I came to Attorney Labar with what many called a "complicated" matter! From the very beginning Attorney Labar went above and beyond. He was very thorough in answering any of my questions, expedient in returning calls/emails and was not afraid to fight/argue my case. Most "lawyers" treat clients as payable hours, However, Attorney Labar always treated me with respect and performed as a professional and phenomenal representation! I would recommend Attorney Labar and his firm to anyone in need.

July 5, 2017

★★★★★ Posted in Google by Mahmuda Akhter
I had the pleasure of being represented by Mr. LaBar from the LaBar Adams Law Firm. He went above and beyond in helping us with our case. He made himself available to us at all times via email, phone, and when we were overseas even on skype! Apart from the fact he graduated from one of best law schools in Florida and really knows his stuff, we felt he truly cared for us, trusted in us, and were on our side. I recommend this law firm to anyone looking for personal care to details and being treated like fami

June 21, 2017

★★★★★ Posted in Google by Lisa Catrambone
Ryan LaBar is a genius. I had a strange case that was 8 years old and didn't make much sense to me. Needless to say, I had no clue how to reconcile the matter. Ryan carefully analysed the material, researched who exactly we were dealing with, and sought-out similar cases to find the best solution- AND HE NAILED IT! He went for the best-case-scenario outcome and that's what we got. I am eternally grateful. Not only did he solve the case with flying colors; he gave me the details of it in a real terms I could understand (without any complicated lawyer jargon). He has a great sense of humor and is easy to talk to. 10/10.

April 4, 2017

★★★★★ Posted in Google by Blanc China Petit Frere
They are wonderful they help me and walk me threw everything i thank god they where by my side, from the begin to the end. thank you guys.

February 23, 2017

★★★★★ Posted in Google by Leticia Gallemore
My Guardian Angels. LaBar Adams is an incredible Law Firm. They treated me like a human being. They are transparent with their clients, they hide NOTHING. My experience with LaBar Adams was just like the Footprints Poem..when I thought I had no one, they carried me. LaBar Adams have wings on their backs. I will recommend this firm for the rest of my days. Please look no further if you want a REAL Law Firm... You will feel right at home... I promise...

February 9, 2017

Hard working firm

★★★★★ Posted in AVVO by Todd
Scott Adams is a partner at Labar/Adams. He and his whole legal team did a phenomenal job in executing my employment/workman's comp litigation. If your looking for a lawyer who is going to lie to get you compensation you're looking in the wrong place! Mr. Adams is honest and hard working and wins cases because of that, not because of dishonesty. Refreshing in a lawyer! While sometimes he can be moody, those times should be overlooked because they are few and far between. He is former military and shows that kind of discipline in the execution of his profession. Be on time and don't miss appointments! If you work with him he will work hard for you. He is focused on every detail of every case, the intricacies of the laws, and is always looking for backdoor opportunities to find justice for clients who have been wronged. Words to describe him: Professional, smart, fair, attentive, focused, incredibly hard working, good memory, slightly impatient.

January 25, 2017

Amazing experience!!

★★★★★ Posted in AVVO by Hala
I contacted him concerning an accident my husband involved with, he was very professional throughout the whole process, he was always available for contact and is very trust worthy. We also won the case!

December 1, 2016

King of Lawyer's

★★★★★ Posted in AVVO by Dennis
The best representation I ever had through out the years. Very upfront with what to expect and not to expect. Hopefully I will not need your service again, but if there is ever a need. You are on my speed-dial Scott!! You and your staff are true professionals!
Thanks Again!

November 21, 2016

★★★★★ Josh in Google by Williams

Wonderful staff. Very punctual and professional. Judy is the real life version of "Donna" on the TV show Suits.

September 9, 2016

★★★★★ Posted in Lawyers.com by Anonymous
Mr. LaBar and his team are fantastic. They were dedicated to helping me with my case even though it was small. He gave me excellent counsel and I my case was handled promptly. Would definitely recommend.

August 23, 2016

Employment Issue

★★★★★ Posted in AVVO by Jenn
Scott and Judy were both a pleasure to work with. They satyed on top of my case and kept me informed as information became available. Very knowledgeable and professional on all levels. I was very comfortable when speaking with either of them in person or on the phone. Their office is very nice and inviting. I will reccomend their law firm to any and all when the opportunity presents it's self.

June 20, 2016

★★★★★ Posted in Google by samuel quinones
Hmmm. It's been 4 years since I lost my job with a Forbes 100 company. To this day I am grateful to Scott Adams for representing me to fight against this GIANT and their efforts to pick on a little guy. If your looking for Knowledge, Expertise and a Professional. Scott's the right Attorney for you.

April 27, 2016

Car Accident

★★★★★ Postedin Google by Vanessa
My accident occurred on July 17th 2015, and during my road to recovery, the best choice I made was working with Ryan LaBar. I am from New York City and while on vacation in Florida, I had a terrible car accident. Mr. Labar took my case and was professional, precise, informative, well timed, and he guided me through every step. Communication is key and Mr. Labar over exceeded my expectations. I am very thankful for his assistance through this process and would highly recommend him to all who are in need of legal assistance.

April 24, 2016


★★★★★ Posted in AVVO by Ernesto

Mr. Adams is an excellent lawyer because he managed my case in an promptly fashion. He kept me informed all the time and answered my emails and phone calls whenever possible. Also, he help me obtained what I was entitled to. I am very pleased that Justice prevailed in my case.

I will contact Mr. Adams if I ever need his counsel again.

I will recommend Mr. Adams to anyone that I know and might need his counsel.

Thank you so much.

April 13, 2016

Excellence at Max!!!!!

★★★★★ Posted in AVVO by Emmy

Mr. Adams helped me in an FLSA case in which exceeded my expectations. From begging to end he kept me well informed and information provided was consistent and aligned with first orientation. With great end results.

Thank you so much for your representation

March 9, 2016

You want the Best,You got the Best!

★★★★★ Posted in AVVO by Michael

Scott was very indepth in detail,and concern
for me as a client,and a person.I am very pleased with his,and the firms services,both professional,and personal,that the kind of player tou want on your team!!.
Thanks Scott,
Michael L. Lawhorn

February 9, 2016

★★★★★ Posted in Google by Kayleigh Watson

Mr. LaBar is a fantastic attorney with a wealth of experience and understanding. The entire team is very helpful and accommodating and willing to work around their clients' schedules. They really helped me out and walked me through my case, as well as, sought my input. I felt like I really mattered to them even though my case was small in comparison to what they probably handle on a daily basis. I would highly recommend LaBar and Adams to anyone.

February 9, 2016

★★★★★ Posted in Lawyers.com by Anonymous

Mr. LaBar and his team are fantastic. They were dedicated to helping me with my case even though it was small. He gave me excellent counsel and I my case was handled promptly. Would definitely recommend.

November 20, 2015

Upmost confidence and tremendous professionalism, That is what Mr. Adams puts into all of his work.

★★★★★ Posted in AVVO by Anonymous

It seems like a common denominator among all of his reviews but it is absolutely correct. The way the firm handles the case puts you at complete ease and gives you the confidence that it will get resolved on your favor. It also completes the task on a fairly quick manner which it was also surprising on the type of case that he had at hand representing the client against the big corporation (which also has the intimidating factor of having plenty resources to put up a long fight) Mr. Adams showed nothing but strong confidence, capabilities and will, and that's why it got positively resolved on my benefit. For that my gratitude goes to the entire firm and also my absolute confidence on referring anyone who needs assistance in legal matters.

November 11, 2015

Compassionate and Professional with a Collaborative Team

★★★★★ Posted in AVVO by Lena

Mr. Adams and his team guided me skillfully through the process of my case. His knowledge of the law, along with the excellent collaborative team working with him, Is why I was able to receive a settlement in a short period of time. His compassion and ethical way of handling my case was beyond my expectations. There is not enough words to articulate how impressed I was with him. I give Mr. Adams more than 5 stars, I give him thanks and appreciation. I recommend him to anyone in need of a Employment Law Attorney. I was encouraged through my experience with him, during what could have been a difficult process. Mr. Adams and his team are Amazing!

July 9, 2015

De Leon

★★★★★ Posted in AVVO by Wlliam

The whole experience could not have been any easier. I felt well taken care off through out the whole process. As a professional myself it is of the utmost importance that I and my business feel safe upon anything that we embark. Especially on matters like the ones that this firm assisted us with.

May 28, 2015

★★★★★ Posted in Google by RTA

I honestly never thought I would need an attorney beyond possibly an auto accident or workers compensation. Then I found myself in a situation where I had to deal with a humiliating legal matter. My job was at stake, and most importantly my reputation. In seeking help, I found the LaBar Adams website, among many others. As I called around, some attorneys were difficult to get on the phone, for a conference. I had one even cancel and push my consultation back weeks. It is hard to wait when you feel like your life is turned upside down. Then I called LaBar Adams. I had a fast appointment, and received a consultation from Ryan LaBar within days. We spoke for probably more than an hour, due to all of my questions. He actually took the time to take me through all possible scenarios...to better prepare me for what was to come. By the end of the conversation, I knew he was the only person I could trust to handle something this important. Ryan LaBar more than exceeded my expectations. When I retained him to represent me, I had no question that he was the only person that could get me the best outcome possible. His experience, knowledge and honesty (even the ugly truth at times) is what makes him an attorney that I would recommend to my loved ones and close friends. I still can not believe that the final outcome far exceeded my hopes. Ryan worked diligently to make what seemed impossible, possible!

February 10, 2015

Scott's the man

★★★★★ Posted in AVVO by ChristineFranqui

Scott was my attorney and he did an awesome job. It was dealt with so quickly, I could not believe how fast and and easy it went. I would definitely recommend Scott and his law firm to anyone who needs an attorney. Awesome is the word that comes to mind to describe their ability.

January 25, 2015

Thank you for believing in me!

★★★★★ Posted in AVVO by Walter

I am honored to express myself regarding the outstanding service that I received from Attorney Adams and his associates. Their level of professionalism goes farther than any firm that I’ve experienced thus far in my lifetime. My expressions don’t only stem from the outcome in my case but also reflects Mr. Adams' patience, thorough counseling, honesty, superb intelligences, and always kindness toward me throughout my case. Mr. Adams and his associates were always respectful and compassionate to me despite the sometime low periods during my case. I really appreciate what they have done for me and will always reach out to them first for any legal counseling whether in or out of their scope to practice. Thank you.

Walter G

December 27, 2014

Drug offense defense

★★★★★ Posted in Kudzu by Martina Porras

This law firm handled some drug possession charges I had back in 2011 while I was in college and they did great to clear my name. I recommend them blindly. They did great communicating with me during the process.

December 16, 2014

World class advocacy and support

★★★★★ Posted in AVVO byAnonymous

Mr Adams took my case for employment discrimination (race and age) knowing the low probability of success. What he saw was gross injustice and was bent on righting a wrong. He provided first rate service by studying the employers biz model, legal history and financial health - constantly educating me along the way. He demonstrated his in-depth knowledge of relevant case laws and legal precedents by solidify my claims during mediation. His efforts resulted in a favorable settlement in the end. He is an obvious legal scholar and was an absolute pleasure to work with.

October 17, 2014


★★★★★ Posted in AVVO by Rhonda

I almost get emotional when I imagine what my life would be like if had not called Attorney Ryan LaBar when I found myself needing representation for a very serious case. I was afraid and called at least three or four attorneys to get advice. Ryan made me feel like he truly cared! His knowledge of the court system has to be unmatched by any attorney in the State of Florida. When I got of the phone with him....I honestly had HOPE! Within 2 months of speaking to him about the situation, my world came crashing down when I found myself facing arrest! I knew who I had to call if I had any hope of being saved! From the first meeting with Ryan, he was honest and straightforward about all of the possible outcomes I could face! He laid out a plan and I knew that if anyone could save my career and help me maintain my freedom, it would be him. He never judged, only listened and educated me on the law. It was clear that not only is his knowledge strong, but he is highly experienced!! The end result of my case still feels like a dream!!! The case was dropped ENTIRELY!!! I maintained my job, which was in jeopardy due to this situation and I went home to my family.....FREE!! Attorney LaBar worked tirelessly on my case, was always in close contact and available!!! He answered any question I had and he always made me feel like my case was his #1 PRIORITY! My family and I are forever grateful for the miracle and gift he gave to our family!

November 1, 2013

Truly humbled and grateful that I was guided to meet Mr. Adams, unquestionable are his results, integrity, and character!

★★★★★ Posted in AVVO by Phillip

Obviously anytime you have to meet with an attorney usually the circumstances are highly emotional and personal in addition to all the rules and regulations of this complex bureaucratic society we live in today……needless to say its a situation that calls for an expert that you must have to navigate the best possible outcome for yourself. I have met and worked with multiple attorney's in the past but can honestly say without a doubt, that Mr. Adams is someone who I will always remember how impressive his passion and expertise of the complex legal issues at play seemed like an everyday run in the park to him putting me at ease in addition to his compassion, empathy, and knowledge of how to achieve the best possible outcome regarding the issue at hand……..bottom line when you have the opportunity to meet Mr. Adams you know you found the attorney that knows how to win and understands the human element……he is tenacious and his results are indisputable…..he not only wins his cases but his reputation amongst his peers proved everything I needed to know that I secured the proper representation. I quickly learned that once the competing attorney knows Mr. Adams is representing you that he/she has a fight on their hands and if they have any chance of winning they better bring their A game which is demanded of them……they know he knows the law, which is the purest form of being a great attorney and ensuring success for the clients he chooses to represent. Thank you Mr. Adams for representing me during my difficult issue and for delivering the results……I knew from the moment I shook your hand I found the best!

September 6, 2013

You will not be sorry if you hire this attorney! Vast connections, well liked, great negotiator, U.S. Veteran, HE WILL WIN!

★★★★★ Posted in AVVO by Joe

Mr. Adams represented me in an employment law matter where the Nasdaq 100 company I worked for terminated my employment in retaliation for reporting an HR incident on three different unprofessional managers and after I was subpoenaed as a witness in a nationwide trial. Although my former employer was creative in how they timed and documented their events, they forgot one thing, their overtime practices were illegal. Mr. Adams chose a strategic approach and was able to recover a substantial amount of funds that my employer failed to pay. If your company is not willing to do the right thing, Mr. Adams will make sure they eventually do. Don't try to go it alone against your company if they are bullying you and do not chose one of the big name firms where you are a number. I had been to 2 lawyers, one said just forget it and move on with my life, the second wanted $15,000 upfront. Mr. Adams took the case on a contingent basis. Mr. Adams has a relationship with many attorneys in the area and does not have to bully his way through the system. He is extremely professional and I would highly recommend him for your legal matter. Mr. Adams truly cares about your case and will take care of you. His paralegal Judy is also extremely diligent and helpful. Judy also cares about your case and will spend that extra two hours after work if need be to get the facts straight or to take care of a pending issue. Mr. Adams and Judy are a force to be reckoned with. Together with Mr. Labar and the rest of the staff... they are my DREAM TEAM!

August 13, 2013

Well versed and passionate Professional

★★★★★ Posted in AVVO by Jesse

Scott is a "Tuned - In " Lawyer. One who LISTENS and provides input and insight options to the client in support of the collective cause. Great stand-up man with excellent lawyer knowledge. A patriot which I respect.

August 5, 2013


★★★★★ Posted in AVVO by Patrick

Scott took the time, to work with me, at a time when I was in a very stressful "Situation". He first off, "Calmed me Down", and then from there, explained to me what steps he & I would take to resolve my "Issue". In the end, Scotts knowledge & experience showed, and he prevailed in helping me. I would HIGHLY recommend his services !!!

August 5, 2013


★★★★★ Posted in AVVO by Juan

Scott handled a case for me in the past...All the great experiences I have to say to describe this firm wouldn't fit in the limited space given. So allow me to describe his firm concisely and accurately..." GETS THE JOB DONE"
Thank You Guys

August 2, 2013

Great Attorney

★★★★★ Posted in AVVO by Jeff

Mr. Adams was very professional in every aspect in the process of my case. He kept me informed every step of the way. I truly believe he had my best interest at heart. His confidence in his ability was very impressive and he also delivered what he promised. I was very impressed. I have already recommended him to many of my friends and will continue to do so. I consider him my attorney now and will go to him with any issue that arises. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for an honest attorney. Thank you so much Mr. Adams!

August 1, 2013

Handled everything top notch

★★★★★ Posted in AVVO by Anonymous

Scott was top notch, straight to the point, and recovered all of my outstanding overtime owed by an employer. It required very little effort from me. Him and his team are winners in my book. Very hassle free, trustworthy, and complete confidence. Highly recommended.

August 1, 2013

Look no further. You've found the best.

★★★★★ Posted in AVVO by Nunez

Thorough, informative and honest. This gentleman showed me that not all lawyers are tha same. If you are serious about perusing a case and want strong representation, look no further, you found the best.

July 31, 2013

Excellent lawyer to hire

★★★★★ Posted in AVVO by John medina

Very good lawyer. Will use his service again if needed. Very knowledgeable of his cases and a good background in his field.

March 28, 2013

One of Orlando's Finest

★★★★★ Posted in AVVO by Steven A.

I recently had to obtain an attorney for a charge that was unwarranted. Ryan Labar proved to be the right choice. His ethics are of the highest standard, and he is willing to go the extra mile for his client. I have dealt with numerous attorneys throughout my life, most of which have sold me out on the drop of a dime. From my experience, I found that it is rare to find an attorney who will put his clients interest above his own interest or financial gain. Ryan Labar is one attorney who will do just that. He is well versed in both constitutional and criminal law, and he applies that law in every step of the process, seeking out ways to terminate the case with the best results at the earliest stages. He has handled two cases on my behalf in the past two years, both of which were dismissed long before they went to trial. I hold Mr. Labar in the highest regard, as he measures up to my highest of standards. I highly recommend his service if you are in need of a criminal or civil attorney who has what it takes to get the job done!

March 22, 2013

Cultivation or Manufacture of Cannabis / Marijuana

★★★★★ Posted in AVVO by Shane

I would recommend Mr. Labar to anyone seeking a great Lawyer. In the case that he handled for me he was able to have the case thrown out of court. He always kept me posted on everything that was happening in my case and communicated effectively. Mr. Labar always informed me of any changes, delays or setbacks on my case. He was straight up about his fees (which were very reasonable). He is a very knowledgeable attorney. He made every effort to find defense factors to have my charges dismissed. I'm so thankful to have found such a terrific Lawyer that was on my side. I have been given a second chance to move on with my life in a positive way thanks to Mr. Labar. Anyone who hires him to fight for them will have a good man by their side. He will fight for you all the way. You will not be disappointed with this lawyer. My family and I would recommend him 100%

November 4, 2011

Best Attorney ever!!

★★★★★ Posted in AVVO by Anthony S

A car accident in Orlando Florida left my fiance and I in need of an attorney as neither insurance company was willing to cooperate. We quickly realized we were facing an uphill battle and desperately needed an attorney and sought the counsel of LaBar Adams PA. After speaking with Atty. LaBar for sever minutes, we quickly came to the conclusion that this was the attorney for us. He was easy going, answered our questions concisely, and unlike the other attorneys, he wasn't pushy or just trying to get us to sign on with his firm. He never promised anything he couldn't deliver, and was more interested in helping us recuperate than he was in the money. With his help, we were able to get our lives back on track expeditiously. This lawfirm's reputation precedes it and is justly deserved, and I would highly recommend LaBar Adams to anyone in need of an attorney!

November 3, 2011

Extremely Knowledgable

★★★★★ Posted in AVVO by Michael

Was facing a felony with a maximum sentence of 15 years. Got no charge at all, not even probation. Kept me well informed throughout the whole process. Couldn't have asked for more. Thank you.

October 11, 2011


★★★★★ Posted in AVVO by Renee Gochal

Ryan Labar defended my husband against two charges or "aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. Ryan is a genius. While he carried every factual aspect of the case in his head, he dazzled the prosecutor with his knowledge of laws and case history while presenting articulate arguments.He saved my husband, my life.

October 4, 2011


★★★★★ Posted in AVVO by Allan

Mr. Ryan Labar defended me against two counts of "aggrevated assault with a deadly weapon." The process stretches over a long period of time because the prosecutors treat this as a negotiating chess game. I never totally agreed with Ryan's approach in some aspects, however, I gave him total control since I have never been through a prosecuters game playing. When it comes to prosecutor game playing, Ryan is a GRANDMASTER. His strategy lead to charges being dismissed before even going to trail. He effectively took articulate command of courtroom hearing arguments. He comes with nothing but my highest recommendation.
Allan R. Gochal

March 28, 2011

Client Review

★★★★★ Posted in AVVO by anonymous

Very professional service & created a welcoming environment to discuss the issue & help me understand the options available. Would highly recommend meeting with Scott & Judy if you have a legal issue that falls under their umbrella. In my situation it was an employment issue & I don't think I could have had a better representative. Straight forward & knowledgeable.

March 17, 2011

Scott Adams - outstanding attorney!

★★★★★ Posted in AVVO by anonymous

Scott Adams is an outstanding attorney and I would highly recommend his firm. Mr. Adams is personable, acts in a professional manner and is extremely knowledgeable in the area of employment law. Mr. Adams assisted me in two matters, denial of Unemployment and denial of COBRA. From our very first meeting, I knew I selected the right attorney. We discussed my specific situation, the applicable laws and avenues available to which I could seek justice. Mr. Adams kept me up to date throughout the course of each case and responded to any questions I had quickly and thoroughly. At the Unemployment denial hearing, Mr. Adams sited case law related to my situation and easily convinced the Judge that the employer was not at all justified in denying Unemployment benefits. As a result, I was awarded benefits. Mr. Adams aggressively pursued the COBRA denial case – his knowledge and negotiation skills resulted in a pre-trial settlement I felt was comparable to what a jury would have awarded at trial. I highly recommend Mr. Adams and his firm, LaBar-Adams.

March 14, 2011

Extremely satisfied client

★★★★★ Posted in AVVO by rj

Scott and Judy handled my case with upmost professionalism. I would recommend them to anyone who needs help.

March 3, 2011

Sharp as a tack

★★★★★ Posted in AVVO by David

First Rate in every way possible. I never for one second felt like i was misled or not in complete control of how I wanted to be represented. In my situation I ended up with the best possible outcome, and was able to keep my job. I would recommend LaBar & Adams without hesitation to any person with legal representation needs. I hope I never need to be in need of a criminal lawyer again, but if I did I wouldn't consider using anyone else. Thank you DB

March 3, 2011

Superior Service

★★★★★ Posted in AVVO by anonymous

Hardworking and dedicated. Gives out personal cell phone number for superior service and communcation.

January 27, 2011

Most efficient and effective lawyer in Central Florida

★★★★★ Posted in AVVO by Scott

My experience with Labar and Adams law firm was nothing less than impressive. My first meeting with Mr. Scott Adams PA was professional and informative. He let me know exactly what laws the employer I was filing a lawsuit against were being broken. Also, he followed through with everything that was said to me at that first meeting. Shortly after, with very few phone calls, my check was in the mail. Mr. Adams' knowledge of "employment law" is extensive and current. I HIGHLY reccommend Mr. Adams along with his firm Labar and Adams.

January 27, 2011

A guiding light

★★★★★ Posted in AVVO by anonymous

He helped me understand the law as it related to my case. Without Scott and his firm I would never have recovered my unpaid wages. He is understanding and very trustworthy, easy t talk to and and answers questions in a friendly but direct manner. Never makes you feel uncomfortable. If you need a great attorney, I highly recommend Scott and his staff.

July 7, 2010

★★★★★ Posted in Lawyers.com by anonymous

Mr. Adams took time to understand and research my cases and/or legal questions and the personal attention to details was appreciated. I would highly recommend and have recommended this lawyer/law firm for any of my close friends and family

August 12, 2009

Excellent Service and Aggressive Representation

★★★★★ Posted in AVVO by anonymous

My son and I were involved in a car accident last May. We had never filed a claim before and were new to the system. Mr. Labar guided us through with great care and was very aggressive with the insurance carrier. I believe in the end, we were fairly compensated for our injuries.

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