Key Factors in Florida Domestic Violence Cases

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What started out as a simple argument may have led to an arrest and now your freedom and record are in jeopardy. Many people who have been arrested for domestic violence do not understand the nature of their charges, their rights and the potential penalties they may face if convicted of a domestic violence offense.

If you have been charged with domestic violence in Florida, you must be aware of the following factors that could impact your rights:

  • The prosecutor does not have to drop your charges simply because the alleged victim asks for your charges to be dropped.
  • The prosecutor may subpoena the alleged victim to testify at your trial.
  • You may be convicted even if you did not start the fight and even if the victim hit you first.
  • You may potentially be convicted for something as simple as a slight push; the victim does not have to have been injured for the prosecution to obtain a conviction.
  • If you plead guilty to a domestic violence charge, you will have a criminal record and you may face serious criminal penalties.

If you have been arrested following a domestic dispute, you need an experienced criminal defense attorney on your side! Our experienced domestic violence attorneys in Orlando defend clients throughout central Florida who have been charged with domestic violence, assault, battery and other criminal charges.

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