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Domestic Violence Between a Couple in OrlandoDomestic Violence is any criminal offense resulting in physical injury or death of one family or household member by another family of household member. Domestic violence in Florida is also called also called domestic abuse.

Who is Considered a Family Member in a Domestic Violence Case?

Florida Law defines family members as spouses, former spouses, persons related by blood or marriage, persons who are presently residing together as if a family or who have resided together in the past as if family, and persons who are parents of a child in common regardless of whether they have been married. With the exception of persons who have a child in common, the family or household members must be currently residing together in the same dwelling unit.

Types of Domestic Violence in Florida

Among the various types of domestic violence crimes defined by Florida Law, are:

If you have been arrested in Orlando or in any other place in Central Florida on suspicion of any type of domestic violence, your future is absolutely on the line and it is critical that you seek legal representation from an experienced Orlando domestic violence defense lawyer. Defense Attorney N. Ryan LaBar knows how to cut through the "he said, she said" nature of many domestic violence situations and expose the key factors in your domestic violence case. He is a proven negotiator and a veteran of many criminal trials, prepared to go the distance to defend your reputation, family relationships and future.

Domestic Violence - Penalties and Other Consequences

National action groups and tabloid media programs have put domestic violence cases in the spotlight and caused these real-life conflicts to be taken very seriously. Legislatures have responded to this heightened exposure with strengthened laws intended to punish and deter domestic violence. Penalties imposed by Florida Law for those convicted of domestic violence vary depending different aspects of the case including the severity of the charges, previous criminal convictions and the type of the domestic violence charges.

If one is found guilty of the crime of domestic violence, and has intentionally caused bodily harm to another person, the court shall order that person to serve a minimum of 5 days in the county jail as part of their sentence. Penalties for those found guilty may be harsh and long lasting. Among the penalties that may be imposed to those found guilty of domestic violence in Florida are:

  • Jail time
  • Counseling
  • Probation
  • Fines
  • Community service
  • Anger management classes
  • Lifetime criminal record
  • Prohibition to contact the victim(s)

Also, the alleged victim may seek an injunction for protection against you even without you knowingabout it. If you get a restraining order and you try to contact the other party to try to sort things out, then you violate your injunction and can be charged with another crime!

Domestic violence cases in Florida are aggressively prosecuted by especially trained prosecutors and you need a very experienced domestic violence defense attorney with the skills and knowledge to properly handle your defense case. At LaBar Adams, a proven criminal defense law firm serving Orlando and Central Florida, we move rapidly and decisively to protect our clients' rights and futures. Our defense attorney works hard to avoid a criminal conviction that could have serious implications for your job and future employability and/or a court order that forbids you from going back to your home or having any contact with your spouse, domestic partner or other alleged victim.

Experienced Orlando Domestic Violence Attorney

If police respond to a call involving battery DV, spousal abuse or child abuse at any level, they generally see no alternative but to make an arrest. In many cases we handle, the person who called police later decides she or he does not want to press charges — but the state's attorney does not accept this "declination of prosecution" and proceeds with the case.

Whether you believe the charge against you is unjustified or you know you made a mistake, you need a Orlando criminal defense lawyer who will investigate, proactively contact your spouse or other witnesses and determine the best possible defense for you. Moving quickly to get sound, resourceful legal counsel can make all the difference for your family relationships and future. To consult an experience Central Florida domestic violence defense lawyer at our firm, call 866-680-4LAW or fill out the online form provided at the top of this page as soon as possible. Our defense lawyers are availalable for you 24 hours a day. We offer a free initial consultation to discuss your case and will keep all your information confidential.

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