Probation in Florida

The experienced Orlando criminal defense attorney’s at LaBar and Adams understand the probation process. It is not uncommon for someone who has been convicted of a crime to be placed on probation.

What is Probation?

Probation is a way in which one who has been convicted of a crime can stay out of jail if they follow the directions given by the court for a specific period of time. Probation is often imposed as a sentence by the Court for people who can’t afford to be away from their jobs or families while in jail.

Types of Probation - Florida Law

There are many different types of probation and some of them are defined below. Probation generally is defined as: a form of community supervision requiring specified contacts with parole and probation officers.

  • Administrative probation - is a form of noncontact supervision in which an offender who presents a low risk of harm to the community may, upon satisfactory completion of the half the term of probation, be transferred by the Department of Corrections to non-reporting status until expiration of the term of supervision.
  • Community Control - is a form of intensive, supervised custody in the community, including surveillance on weekends and holidays, administered by officers with restricted caseloads. Community control is an individualized program in which the freedom of an offender is restricted in the community, home or non-institutional residential placement and specific sanctions are imposed and enforced.
  • Drug Offender Probation - is a form of intensive supervision that emphasizes treatment of drug offenders in accordance with individualized treatment plans administered by officers with restricted caseloads.
  • Sex Offender Probation - is a form of intensive supervision, with or without electronic monitoring, which emphasizes treatment and supervision of a sex offender in accordance with an individualized treatment plan and administered by an officer who has a restricted caseload.

The former list is only several of the common forms of probation that are given for various crimes. In order to know if you are eligible for probation and what type of probation is most favorable for your situation it is imperative that you have a defense attorney who is experienced with the process.

If you are put on probation and you have performed satisfactorily, have not been found in violation of any terms or conditions of supervision (Violation of Probation or VOP), and have met all financial sanctions imposed by the court you might be eligible for an early termination of probation.

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