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What is Fraud?

Fraud consists of some intentionally deceitful practice or willful device, resorted to with intent to deprive another of his right, or in some manner to do him an injury.

Most Fraud charges in Florida are classified as felony offenses and carry significant sentences if the lawyers for the State or Federal Government are able to secure a conviction.

Fraud Conviction - Penalties and Consequences

A fraud conviction in Florida carries harsh penalties and long lasting consequences in your live and your loved one's lives. Penalties may include very high fees, jail time (up to life in prison), restitution, probation and, for non-citizens, deportation and a permanent bar against future immigration status.

Besides the actual sentences that Fraud charges carry, there are a host of collateral consequences associated with fraud convictions. For example, if convicted, a fraud charge will stay on a person’s record and be available to potential employers or the public at large. Fraud charges are considered crimes of moral turpitude and carry a stigma that suggests the individual is untrustworthy or worse. This can lead to years of bad experiences when it comes to employment opportunities.

Many times, local law enforcement agencies do not investigate fraud charges but rather refer the investigation out to a specialized investigative agency depending the type of fraud being investigated. Many times unsuspecting and innocent people give statements or agree to interviews with these investigators mistakenly believing they can explain any discrepancy or misunderstanding. It is important that an accused person speaks with an experienced fraud defense Attorney prior to ANY statements or interviews with a fraud investigator. Often times the record of these interviews are used against people at some point in the future should the government decided to prosecute.

The Fraud Defense Attorneys at LaBar Adams in Orlando, FL, have experience dealing with all stages of a fraud related charge. We have represented those individuals simply being investigated for Fraud all the way to those standing trial.

Types of Fraud Crimes

There are many types of fraud crimes and they can be committed through mail, wire, phone, and the internet. Some examples of Fraud Charges handeled by our highly experienced Central Florida Fraud Defense Lawyers are:

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