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Overtime Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

One of the primary practice areas at our law firm is Labor and Employment Law. In our representation of employees, we are frequently asked questions about overtime law in Florida. In an effort to provide as much useful infomation as possible, we have answered below some of the most common questions our clients ask.

What Is Overtime Pay?

Overtime is a fair days pay for a fair day work. An employee who works for more than forty hours a week is entitled to overtime compensation equal to one and a half times their regular rate of pay. 

When Congress enacted the Fair Labor Standards Act in 1938, its goal was to provide minimum wage and maximum hour protections for workers.  By establishing a floor for wages and a ceiling for hours worked without overtime compensation, lawmakers attempted “to compensate those who labored in excess of the maximum number of hours.  To that end, the FLSA establishes that an employee who works for more than forty hours a week is entitled to overtime compensation equal to one and a half times his regular rate of pay. 

Who is entitled to overtime?

Employees covered under the Fair Labor Standards Act and who are permitted to work are entitled to overtime.  Congress intended an all encompassing definition of the term “employee” that would include all workers not specifically excepted. Senator Black declared that its “definition of employee ... is the broadest definition that has ever been included in any one act....”

There are however exclusions and exemptions under the act. Not every employee is covered under the FLSA.  To assess whether an employee is entitle to overtime a fact intensive analysis is required.  The lawyers and staff at LaBar Adams are well versed in the relevant inquiries are happy to discuss your personal scenario with you.  We NEVER represent employers but We do offer free consultations to any employee who feels they might have been denied lawful overtime compensation. For more information about overtime pay in Florida please visit our overtime pay page or contact the Labor & Employment lawyers at LaBar & Adams, P.A.

Are salaried employees entitled to overtime pay?

A salaried employee is not exempt from overtime pay simply because he or she receives a salary. How an employee is paid, i.e. salary, hourly, commission, may be one of the factors considered in determining if an employee is exempt from overtime pay, but this fact alone does not establish someone as exempt from overtime pay. More information on salaried employees and overtime pay...

Which employees are exempt from overtime pay?

Exemptions from overtime pay are narrowly construed. Any exemption to overtime pay is construed against the employer and in favor of the employee. As such, an employer bears the burden of proving an exemption applies, and must prove the applicability of an overtime exemption by clear and affirmative evidence. Exemptions are highly fact specific and require a knowledgeable overtime lawyer to evaluate. Exemption include the Motor Carrier Act Exemption, the Administrative Exemption, the Executive Exemption, Outside Sales Exemption, and the Agricultural Exemption. Again, determination of whether am employee has been properly classified as “exempt” requires an experienced and knowledgeable overtime attorney.

Are part time employees entitled to overtime pay?

All covered employees, part time, temporary, probationary, etc., are entitled to overtime pay for every hour worked over forty hours in a given workweek unless they are exempt.

Is it overtime pay taxed?

Typically overtime pay is taxed.

What is the overtime pay rate?

An employee’s rate of pay is based on his “regular rate of pay.”  Regular rate of pay is the keystone to calculating the overtime rate. No matter how an employee is paid- whether by the hour, by the piece, on a commission, or on a salary the employee’s compensation must be converted to an equivalent hourly rate from which the overtime rate can be calculated, because overtime is calculated by the hour at 1.5 times the hourly rate.

Do I need to pay overtime for staff meeting held in the evening out of regular work hours?

Time that is spent for the benefit of the employer, with the employer’s knowledge, and that is considered a principal activity of the employee is considered to be hours worked and are therefore compensable.

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