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Defense Against Possession of Prescription Drugs Charges in Orlando

Prescription drug fraud or the unlawful possession of prescription drugs is a growing problem throghout Florida and Orlando is not the exception. A person may be charged with prescription drug fraud in different ways, including:

  • Possessing a prescription drug without a valid prescription
  • Forging prescriptions
  • Buying a prescription drug through the Internet without a valid prescription
  • Obtaining a prescription drug prescribed to a family member or to another person
  • Altering prescriptions to change the quantity of the drug or the number of refills
  • Possessing a prescription drug with the intent to sell or deliver
  • Theft of prescription pads

Prescription drugs are often classified as schedule II Drugs and are defined in Florida as "a substance in that has a high potential for abuse and has a currently accepted but severely restricted medical use in treatment in the United States, and abuse of the substance may lead to severe psychological or physical dependence".

Among the most common drugs involved in prescription drug fraud cases in Florida are:Florida Prescription Drugs Defense Lawyer


Prescription Drugs Fraud in Florida - Penalties

The penalties in Florida for the sale, manufacture, or delivery, or possession with intent to sell, a controlled substance constitutes a felony of the first degree. Fines can reach up to $10,000 and depending on the severity of the charge, prison sentences can reach up to 30 years. The minimum penalties can increase if the offense occurred near a public or private college, school, public park, or even a convenience store.

Selling or possessing prescription drugs without a valid prescription is a serious charge in Florida. In many cases, the law allows prosecutors to charge individuals with trafficking in prescription drugs, even though the amount of drugs in question may be very small. If you have been charged with possession or trafficking in prescription drugs anywhere in Florida, it is critical to have a highly experienced prescription drug defense attorney on your side to provide the knowledgeable counsel you need to protect your rights.

Defense attorney N. Ryan LaBar has defended thousands of people, including people charged with drug crimes. He will look for every potential defense to your case. In most drug cases, your defense will hinge on questions of search and seizure. If the government violated your rights while gathering evidence against you, we will present a strong case to the judge in order to suppress any evidence against you. If dismissal of the charges is not possible, we will explore other alternatives.

Drug Court in Seminole & Orange Counties

Depending on your circumstances, you may be eligible for Drug Court. Orange County and Seminole County are two of many counties in Florida that have Drug Courts. Drug Court's primary goal is to rehabilitate people who have become dependent on the use of drugs. Drug Court programs involve regular drug testing, therapy, counseling and other programs. If you are able to complete Drug Court, your charges can be dropped. Drug Court helps many people who have become addicted to illicit drugs.

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