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Simply put, there is nothing more damaging to a person's reputation that a conviction to a sex crime. You could spend years in prison. Upon release, you will have to register as a sex offender. Placement on the Sex Offender Registry will limit where you can work and where you can live. If you have been charged with any sex crime, your life as you know it is on the line. You need a lawyer on your side who will fight the prosecutions' allegations at every step to achieve a favorable result against the charges.

LaBar Adams is located in Orlando and defends people against serious criminal allegations, including sex crimes. We are able to defend you against any charge such as:

Florida vigorously prosecutes sex allegations. Certain sex charges have no statute of limitations. Conceivably, you could be charged for something that allegedly took place decades ago. No matter the circumstances of your case, we offer discreet, nonjudgmental representation.

Defense Attorney's Ryan LaBar's first step will be to review the evidence against you. Many sex crime allegations are based on little more than another person's word. In other cases, there is physical evidence of a sexual act. However, this evidence may be interpreted in a number of different ways. Orlando Sex Crime Attorneys LaBar Adams is familiar with the legal issues involved in these cases and can effectively demonstrate the weaknesses in the state's case. Because the stakes are so high in these types of charges, our law firm will always be prepared to go to trial to protect your rights and vindicate your position.

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